Why Bag?

Some people claim that mulching is superior to bagging, but that is only true if the grass is mulched correctly. If your mower is leaving clumps on your yard, you should be bagging your grass clippings. Clumps of grass can damage your yard by killing the grass underneath and providing opportunities for diseases to take hold. This is a particular concern in the spring when the grass is very moist and growing rapidly.

You can preserve the nutrients for the lawn by composting the clippings and spreading the compost on the lawn later in the season. Combine the ‘green’ grass clippings with plenty of ‘brown’ material, such as dried leaves for the best results in the composting process.

Fall is the other time of the year when bagging is important to many people.  Using your mower to collect your leaves reduces their volume by as much as 6 to 1. This means fewer bags to dispose of, or better yet, a great start for your mulch pile. You’ll save hours of raking, have a great looking lawn, and by composting, you can help the environment, too!

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