PTO Generator

Use your tractor to provide the power you need, when you need it!  Eliminate the extra costs of owning and maintaining a separate engine for your generator.  PECO's PTO Generator is powered by your tractor's 540rpm practically maintenance free and provides clean, low distortion power.  Automatic voltage regulation is standard on the 10kw and 16kw models.  Whenever and wherever you need power, hook up your tractor and plug in!

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PECO Item Number: PTOG-0010 • PTOG-016 • PT0G-022
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  • Heavy-Duty Single Phase Generators, Brush-less (Capacitor) Design for Maintenance Free Performance
  • Aluminum and Steel Housing for Maximum Durability
  • Drip-Proof Design
  • 100% Copper Windings, Low Distortion Alternator (THM <5%) for High Quality Power Output, Insulation Class H
  • Lifetime Pre-Sealed Maintenance Free Bearing
  • 4" Three Bar LED Meter Provides Accurate Display of Hertz, Volts, and Amps Output
  • Individually Protected Circuits
  • Magnetic Circuit Breaker with Individual Circuit Protection for Safety and Accurate Overload Protection
  • Full Power Outlet
  • Simultaneous 120V and 240V Output
  • Fits Category 1 or 2, Three-Point Hitch
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