Pasture Vac

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Hang up the rake and shovel! The Pasture Vac is designed for Horse, Llama and Alpaca farms for fast manure cleanup of stalls, paddocks and pastures.
Pasture Vac

What is the Pasture Vac

The time saving Pasture Vac easily lifts dried or fresh manure, then grinds it to a fine mulch for composting or easy disposal. Many of our customers ad an additional revenue source by selling Pasture Vac composted manure. The large 50 cubic foot (40 Bushel) aluminum container will not rust and is balanced and tapered to empty easily with a single pull of its conveniently located lever. Connect the wand hanger kit to your utility vehicle and clean your pastures and paddocks from the driver's seat.

Comes complete with an 18 foot long flex-hose and wand attachment.

The Pasture Vac is great for:
• Barn Stalls
• Paddocks
• Pastures
• Fiber clean-ups after grooming
• Llama farms

Popular Options for the Pasture Vac:
• Jack Stand
• Jack Stand with Wheel
• Draw Bar Extension
• Battery and Battery Box


36 Cubic Foot Capacity Available
50 Cubic Foot Capacity Available
Designed to Fit Most Garden and Compact Tractors
Lightweight Sturdy Box Allows Maximum Load
Optional 7 HP Yanmar Diesel Electric Start Engine
Optional 10 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Electric Start Engine
Optional 5.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
Ball Hitch or Pin Hitch Available

Models Available

The following drive types are available for this vac system:

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